I'm on the road, currently in Malaysia, and the book is back at the hotel, and I can't remember the author's name. Published in 2012, this achingly poignant novel tells the story of Czech lovers caught up in the chaos and horror of World War II and the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Ivana, young and lovely and part of the Resistance, meets Tomas. Despite her almost-engagement to another man, a good man who loves her totally, she falls instantly in love with Tomas and is willing to throw over everything to be with this mysterious newcomer. Tomas, too, is smitten...but he has been assigned a special mission, one which will have horrendous results. What happens to these star-crossed people is told by Ivana's son as he tries to uncover the truth about his parents' lives. No spoiler, you'll have to read it. Beautifully written, the author has a way with words and phrases that is stunning without being showy. When Ivana asks Tomas if he will walk with her, he says, "Anywhere." With a marvelous simplicity of words, all beautifully chosen, this author will draw you in a compel you to read. Book reviews for this type of book are so hard to write, simply because superlatives don't tell the whole story. Drag out the hankies and settle down for a fabulous read. It's a 5.

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