THE ANDALUCIAN FRIEND, by Alexander Soderberg

Wow! What a fabulous novel!  Don't start this if you have to go to work in the morning because you won't be able to put it down. Translated from the Swedish, read this before it's made into a movie. From the opening car chase to the final scenes, this debut novel sizzles with action, greed, treachery and betrayal. Click to read more...
Sophie Brinkmann, a nurse, follows her usual habit and befriends a patient with a broken leg, Hector Guzman. The connection, pursued by Hector, continues after he leaves the hospital where he was recovering from a hit-and-run. But the accident was an attempted murder, and Hector's seemingly ordinary life hides a very different reality. No spoilers here, you know the policy. So I can't tell you about the drug-addled cop, the mad Russians, the out-of-control airport guard, the charming young son, the old flame...
It's a 5+, one of the best I've ever read: tightly-plotted, with marvelously deceptive characters (the bad guys seem to be better than a lot of the good ones), and delicious moments of total absurdity, total horror, and total satisfaction. This is the best it gets for us readers of contemporary international suspense.

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