WOW, what a series! Harris is not only a fine writer, but her to-the-ground knowledge of the period she writes about is flawless. The attitudes, the manners and mannerisms, all brought out with a marvelous subtelty that never intrudes on the story but serves to immerse you even deeper into the tale. Sebastian St. Cyr is once again brought into a murder-that-cannot-be-labelled when his good friend Dr. Gibson finds a cadaver (grave-robbed for anatomizing) that wasn't heart failure...at least in the medical sense. A stiletto wound at the base of the skull marks the deceased, a young Foreign Office rising star, as murdered. The brilliant and deadly Lord Jarvis, kingmaker and King's cousin, is once agin at odds with St. Cyr as our dishy noble sleuth struggles to uncover the truth. And what of Miss Hero Jarvis, arrogant and independent? The plot continually develops and thickens! What a ride! A 5!

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