2/series. Another funny, convoluted, how-not-to-see a great European city, this time Charlie Howard - whodunit author and second-story man - gets embroiled in a variation of the Amsterdam novel (first in the series). An English bookstore is the venue for an odd assortment of Parisian expats and wanderers, and Charlie is invited to read excerpts from his novel. No author turns that down, and post-reading Charlie is hired by one of the attendees to show him how to burgle an apartment: his own, presumably. Later, Charlie's fence and contact Pierre, offers him a job: burgle an apartment and take only a painting. Click below for more...
Amazingly, it's the apartment he burgled the night before. And of course the painting is already gone. Shortly, a corpse turns up and Charlie is on the run, sure to be fitted up for the grisly crime. His agent, the charming and no-nonsense Victoria, ably assists in a series of phone calls, and then . . . Sorry, read the book, I won't spoil it for you. It's a 3.
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