From the author of Slumdog Millionaire, another immersion in Indian daily life, this time a lively first-person account by Sapna Sinha, salesgirl (top producer, however) of electronics in a chaotic store in downtown Delhi. After her usual visit to the temple of Hanuman, Sapna is accosted by a man claiming to be the CEO of a ten billion dollar empire. And he wants Sapna to be its new CEO. Click below for more...


SCANDALOUS, by Jenna Petersen

Regency romance junkies will find this hot, nicely-plotted novel very satisfying. As Katherine Fleming and her betrothed Colden Mallory celebrate their forthcoming nuptuals, Cole's long-estranged brother shows up. Dominic Mallory has a past, and secrets, but Katherine finds the handsome black sheep compelling in a way her low-key fiance is not. Before the evening ends, Katherine discovers her presumed "safe" husband-to-be already has a wife, presumed dead but soon to reappear. And Dominic Mallory, never intending to open himself up to care for a woman, finds himself with a bride he finds nearly irresistible. Both, to avoid a devastating scandal that will damage the Mallory clan and ruin Katherine's chances for an acceptable marriage, reluctantly agree to the match. The deep-seated reservations each has about the other produces a compelling and fascinating tale, complicated by the devil's bargain Dominic has made. A 4. Petersen is adept at smokin hot seduction scenes; sex is a 3.
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DELICIOUS!, by Ruth Reichl

The legendary New York Times food critic has penned her first fiction, and any foodie will find it a completely satisfying read. Food references are everywhere, foodie lore abounds, and Reichl has created a very sympathetic heroine. Starring Billie Breslin, a taste-talented young California chef traumatized by a family tragedy, who goes to work at a long-lived New York food magazine, Delicious! When a friend finds a hidden room behind the magazine's library, Billie is hooked by a series of letters between a young girl in Akron and the legendary James Beard. If I start giving plot details, they'll spoil your experience. This is the perfect holiday gift for a food-oriented person. It's a 4...and a perfectly delicious read.
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5/series. Another delightful Napoleonic-era historical romance/suspense in the Pink Carnation series, this one starring Robert, Lord Dovedale, who returns from twelve years soldiering in India to avenge his murdered mentor. Immediately he bumps into his young cousin Charlotte, who has fond memories of Robert’s long-ago kindness as her father lay dying. Her old admiration is now tinged with something more adult. Not that Robert notices. Click below for more...


FUNNY MONEY, by James Swain

2/series. Tony Valentine's one hot retiree. Living post-retirement in bucolic Palm Harbor, Florida, the former Atlantic City cop gets a call from his former partner of twenty years. While they're talking, his partner is murdered with a car bomb. Flying up for the funeral, Tony's sucked into the investigation and soon he's back in his old haunts, the casinos of Atlantic City. In short order the plot becomes a snarl of competing thugs and motives, not least of which is Tony's only son, a master of bad judgment (with Tony's total squareness, it's a real wonder how this happened). Click below for more...


DUST, by Martha Grimes

21/series. I think British copper Richard Jury is a George Clooney on paper. Or a Colin Firth. Who knows what the man Jury is supposed to look like? Tall, probably devastatingly handsome, intelligent, with a good sense of humor and - from time to time - a way with women; a cop, a man of morals, a kind man in spite of his calling, a lonely man. Dust is one of author Grimes' later novels, and if you haven't read them all you are in for months of fine reading (or, like me, many sleepless nights of fine reading). Jury is a series character surrounded by quirky individuals who mostly hang out in a pub in the bucolic town of Long Piddleton, and although the books can stand alone do read them in order.  Click below for more...



Tracing the building of a dam on the upper Missouri river (so upper it's in Montana), the contentious and highly visible Duff family leaves behind their Depression's bare-bones subsistence farming for the federally-ordered dam. It's an earthen monster a mile across, which has a personality of its own in this marvelous book. Owen Duff is the fillmaster, responsible for the ultimate building of the earthen structure. Massive as it is, one miscalculation could cause a fatal slippage and all would be lost, including the hundreds of workers on the project.  Click below for more...