THE HUNT CLUB, by John Lescroart

I haven't read anything by this talented and prolific author that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and The Hunt Club - a spin-off from the Dismas Hardy series, somewhere between the 7th and 9th book - is no exception. Wyatt Hunt's life is turned around when he looses his job in Child Protective Services. He's drawn in to the Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitsky orbit (Lescroat has many books featuring this great duo) when a federal judge and his mistress are found murdered in the Judge's home. Click below for more...



5/series. After months of forced separation after Lawrence’s treason conviction, Temeraire organizes the breeding ground dragons to resist Napoleon’s invasion of England. Lawrence, shunned by service and society, is reunited with his dragon and the battle for England is on. General Wellesley extracts every ounce of flesh from Lawrence, who follows orders he despises for a country that now despises him. Click below for more...


CRUCIBLE OF GOLD, by Naomi Novik

7/series. Leaving wild Australia and its dangers behind, Temeraire and his captain William Lawrence, along with several other British dragons, are being transported to South America, in the hopes of foiling Napoleon’s courting of the Inca empress. Half way across the Pacific, a five-day typhoon batters the ship and, except for the dragons and their crews, all is lost. A quirk of fate puts them in the hands of Napoleon’s agent. Want to know more? Read the book, but read them in order. This is, so far, the most fanciful of the series (Napoleon and an Incan Empress?), but for fans of revised historical adventures, with beautifully-drawn dragons as the icing on the cake, this is a solid 4.
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6/series. Temeraire and William Lawrence, transported to the penal colony of New South Wales, find themselves embroiled in yet another upheaval as William Bligh (yes, that one) has been ousted from his position as Governor of the colony, and seeks the aid of Lawrence and his dragon. Unwilling to aid the irascible governor, they decide to flee. Click below for more...



The prolific and entertaining Jane Feather brings yet another Regency romance with substance, flair and entrancing characters. Immured in a quiet English village, three friends - two widows and a spinster - decide to break loose and go to London, where one of them has inherited a crumbling mansion in one of the best squares. But a mysterious Viscount Bonham wants to buy the property and has offered a ridiculous price. When Lady Cornelia - dressed for housecleaning - answers the door and is treated by the arrogant Bonham as a mere scullery maid, she decides to play a prank on him. Click below for more...


THRONE OF JADE, by Naomi Novik

2/series. Temeraire and his captain Will Lawrence, already having seen action over the English Channel to thwart Bonaparte's plans, are cornered by the Admiralty in the form of an irascible officer who wants the dragon returned to his place of origin. Temeraire is a Celestial, a rare Chinese breed. The Asian superpower (even in Napoleonic times) sends a royal envoy, demanding the dragon be returned to his rightful place: the far-off Chinese court. Click for more about this marvelous series...


THE RAKE, by Susan Enoch

1/series. This is the first book in the Lessons in Love series. Six years before, the dashing and thoughtless Lord Dare had broken young Lady Georgiana Halley's heart in a particularly unpleasant and public way. Now Georgie has planned an exquisite revenge that will teach him how it feels when a heart is broken. Crafting an intricate campaign of seduction, she inserts herself into the Dare household as companion to an ailing (or perhaps not) auntie. As she works her wiles on Dare, however, all does not go as planned. Click below to read more...



1/series. This delightful novel begins the Bevelstoke series. Remember when you were ten years old and felt like the ugliest duckling in the world? Meet Miranda Cheever, without a doubt one of us. This Regency-era misfit grows up knowing she will never make a match, and that men do not find her attractive. When handsome, dashing Nigel Bevelstoke kisses her hand and promises that one day she will grow into herself, she falls irrevocably in love. Heady stuff for a ten year old. Nigel then swans off into his adult world and complete disaster. Click below for more...


BLACK POWDER WAR, by Naomi Novik

3/series. Escaping China by a handy subterfuge, the Celestial dragon Temeraire and his captain Will Lawrence are ordered to Istanbul to pick up several valuable dragon eggs. A dangerous journey takes them over the Gobi desert, following the ancient Silk Road. In the mountains they encounter a band of feral dragons, barely led by the frenetic, posturing Arkady. When the band of out-of-control ferals decides to follow them, chaos comes along. Click below for more...



4/series. Part of the Bridgerton series. For a solid Regency romance with a delightful plot, look no further than Julia Quinn, a New York Times Bestselling author. In this quickly-paced book, Penelope Featherington - well on her way to becoming an official spinster - has long loved handsome, popular, charming (insert other adjectives here) Colin Bridgerton, one of the fabled eight Bridgerton siblings. Colin's well used to plain Penelope underfoot as she is his sister's best friend. Click below for more...


A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF, by Lawrence Block

8?/series. Few authors have the chops of Lawrence Block: winner of multiple awards (some multiple wins as well), a lifetime of crafting police procedurals, mysteries of all sorts, with an occasional dip into near-porn when writing under another name. I know when I open one of his books, I’m in for an entertaining time. While the books can be read as stand-alones, I think you'll enjoy them more as a delicious way to spend some time in Matthew Scudder's gritty world. Click below for more...


SIZZLE & BURN, by Jayne Ann Krentz

3/series. Part of the Arcane Society paranormal series, which deals with psychically-superior people. The series sweeps from Victoria England to present day America, this particular tale takes place in Oregon and Washington State and stars Raine Tallentyre, who hears voices. Inheriting an old mansion from her beloved aunt (who also heard voices), she at once senses evil has been in the house. In the basement, a closet with a new lock reveals the bound body of a young woman. Click below for more...