Years ago, a girl vanished in Cabot, a small town in rural Mississippi, and Larry Ott was accused of killing her. The body was never found. He admitted to being the last person to see her. Now, ostracized and nearing middle age, Ott lives alone, friendless, in the cabin he inherited form his parents. Known locally as Scary Larry, he is periodically visited by the sheriff simply because of his history. Silas Jones, town constable, is known as 32 Jones, his baseball number back when he was a star high school player. A young girl, daughter of the town's leading family, goes missing. Tempers run high and Larry is targeted. Silas knows Larry is innocent of both disappearances. Then someone tries to kill Larry. This tightly-plotted mystery will keep you guessing and, even if you figure it out, you'll stay glued to the pages until the last words. A 4.5.

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