Too often, I find only a handful of recipes in a cookbook that are actually usable. Author Wyler (who was editor of Food & Wine for a decade), however, seems to have me and my large gatherings in mind, and I think this small soft cover book will become part of my cookbook collection. How many of us have cursed a cookbook writer who callously...
chains us to a stovetop just when guests arrive? Wyler, on page 101, gives us a yummy make-it-a-month-ahead dessert; on page 67, delicious and looks-harder-than-it-is Turkey Tonnato which almost anyone will love; on 162 an elegant buffet starts. Sidebars will aid your overall cooking and entertaining skills. Wyler does all the thinking and planning; you can do the cooking and garner the compliments. For me, this book is a good, solid 5. I can hardly wait to try the turkey recipe, although I'll probably use chicken instead.

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