Published in 1999, this noir-ish mystery introduces gutsy Aimee Leduc, a part-American Paris (France, not Texas) PI. An elderly Jewish woman is murdered minutes before Aimee, at the request of a holocaust scholar at a local synagogue, brings a photo to her. On the old woman's forehead is carved a swastika. Aimee and her partner, the dwarf Rene, are both computer hacker geniuses, and can get into almost any database. Then the holocaust scholar is hit by a bus...Aimee is attracted to a neo-Nazi...memories of World War II and the Nazi occupation come pouring forth...someone takes pot shots at Aimee...a diplomat searches for his lost love...an election is in the offing...mystery inside mystery inside memory. If you have read little about this war and its horrors, this book will shake you up. And the denouement is a surprise. It's a 4, and I look forward to more Aimee Leduc tales.

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